To be the leading centre of excellence in security policy research and consultancy in the greater Great Lakes Region of Africa. 


    Our mission is to deepen the understanding of the security-development nexus among academicians and national security and development policy makers in the Great Lakes region.

    Security Studies and Analysis Centre

    Our philosophy

    SESAC is guided by the recognition that security and development are two sides of the same coin implying that there can never be development without security on the one hand, and security cannot be sustained without development on the other hand.

    our Projects


    Membership to SESAC is open to any academic or practitioner who feels that the objectives of this think tank resonate with his/her aspirations and interests. We have founding and associate members.


    SESAC depends on generous funds from members and other well wishers. We invite you to donate to the cause of promoting a global understanding of the tenets of sustainable peace, security and development.

    Governance Structure

    SESAC has a competent team of founding members (See their profiles) namely Dr. Asiimwe Solomon, Dr. Anna Abaho and Mr. Patrick Kachope. Below these are the technical people who do administrative work including the Executive Director and the one in charge of finance and administration.

    our Partners

    SESAC maintains and continually welcomes strategic partnerships with a range of stakeholders in peace, security and development including;

        • Nkumba University
        • Public and private security organisations
        • Civil Society in areas of peace and security
        • Current and former Students of Security and Strategic Studies
        • Embassies