SESAC is guided by the recognition that security and development are two sides of the same coin implying that there can never be development without security on the one hand, and security cannot be sustained without development on the other hand.

  • The security sector is for instance, central to people’s welfare because security is necessary for effective and durable development. However, it requires well managed and competent personnel operating within an institutional framework defined by law. This is because a badly managed security sector hampers development, discourages investment, and helps to perpetuate poverty. Uncontrolled military and other security actors, can result in: coups d’état; human rights abuses and other abuses of power can manifest.
  • We build on the Naifean five dimensions of national and international security which are; Human, environmental, Trans-cultural, National and Transnational Security.
  • We therefore, approach our security studies and analysis from the point of view of the inextricable linkages between security, peace & development which have not been fully attended to by academicians and policy makers in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.
  • We believe that by creating a platform that brings together scholars and policy practitioners in the areas of security and development, national governments will be enabled to craft policies that are integrated for sustainable peace, security and development.
  • At SESAC we also note that the knowledge and concern about security has been a for a long time shielded by and left to only the security practitioners which denies the general public to benefit from the discourse on security and national development.